Hello and welcome to Haberdashery, a Petz 4 website!
Haberdashery is intended to become mainly a place to show my crew, display my hex archive and collect all the little nicknacks you inevitably collect from being a part of the PC, but hopefully over time it'll grow to include more fun stuff like downloads, adoptions and more!
I hope you enjoy what's here for now and that you'll visit again soon! :>

Last update: 22nd March 2024

Haberdashery is now looking more like a fully functioning site; all navigation now leads somewhere! \(^o^)/
I'm now working on sub-pages so not everything is available just yet, but you can check out some info about your webmaster and the site itself, take a look in the gallery at my scrapbook, and even download some content for your game!
The links page has been established and will grow over time, and you can check out my archive though it's not up-to-date quite yet.
Asides from that, general tweaking, fixing, poking and playing has been taking place - did you notice our site favicon when you visit now? :>

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Site created by Laura, Petz created by P.F. Magic.