Welcome to my hex archive!
Availability of a hex is listed with each; I strongly prefer trades (you can see my wishlist under About) but ultimately it never hurts to ask! :>

Haberdashery Hamsters
January 2021
Availability: Unavailable, sorry!

From left to right, meet Arwen, Hodor, Skyler and Sumo; I affectionately refer to these little guys as my hamster gang! :> I cheated and put these guys at the top because they're my favourites and I inevitably get the most questions about them hahaha!

Each was hexed as a petzy tribute to each of my real-life hamsters, which is why they're unavailable. (You can read more about them under About->Laura's Pets if you'd like!)

They're dogz-based, but I gave each the "personality" I felt suited them best; Arwen was a genteel lady, so she's a poodle personality. Hodor was loyal and friendly, so he's a labrador. Skyler was scatty and energetic, so she's a chihuahua! Lastly a sheepie base was chosen for Sumo as he did the most humungous yawns and stretches and was altogether a chill, friendly guy <3

They're hexed to be mute and tongueless because a barking, panting hamster is, let's face it, just a bit odd. The boys also have addball "torpedoes" - owners of male rodents will know what I mean!!!

March 2022
Availability: Got to decide how/what customs to offer since he's a character hex, but open to suggestions if you'd like to trade! :)

This manga is so sweet and heartwarming, I really wanted to make a petzy Fukumaru! He's hexed on a persian base for maximum roly-poly cuddliness <3

The most challenging part was definitely his eyes and brows! I built him some eyebrows to "mask" the upper region of his eyes and give him the expression he has in the manga. The black line is a seperate line I built just below the brows - sometimes it still "clips" at some angles so I might tweak it a little more. He also has a little "X" for his butt just like in the manga, hehehe :3

Adopted: None yet!

June 2021
Availability: Still needs a bit of finishing up (oops!) don't really know how/what customs to offer, but I'm open to suggestions if you want to trade!

Hexed for mouse's Beanie Baby hexing contest over on Whiskerwick! The textures were custom made by myself, I had to mess around a lot with scaling them down to get them too look in proportion with the pet. I'd like to add in some paintball eyes in the future to make her look more like the beanie toy.

Adopted: None yet!

Pride Pugs
June 2021
Availability: Limited-time only - retired!

Hexed to adopt out on Whiskerwick to celebrate pride and because I wanted an excuse to use sharon's awesome "Jug" hexing base! The sparkly body and paw pad textures came from Filthy Hippie. They're pretty basic, but I do love the slight "waviness" to the flag! I'd like to revisit them in the future and fancy 'em up a bit more.

Adopted: 5 to RebeccaMonkey, 223 to Jayote, 89 to Jess

Valentines Mutts
Valentines Day 2021
Availability: Limited-time only - retired!

Hexed to adopt out on Whiskerwick just because everyone in the PC is SO NICE and I wanted to spread the love!
It was my first time attempting making my own texture and I just couldn't work out transparency, lol. I love the cream/pink/white colour scheme, so soft and cuddly! :>

Adopted: 185 to Rho, 70 (1) to Aubrey, 181 to RebeccaMonkey, 73 to Bunni, 214 to paranoiapaige, 182 to CoffieDog, 150 to Bec, 204/181 to hotsytotsy, 15 to gingerade, 152 to Yume.

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