It's fun having pictures of your petz everywhere, but what if you're feeling a little more... arty? Fear not! Maximal and Paintball stole multiple masterpieces worth millions of pounds from a bunch of big galleries to bring you some much-loved famous art to decorate your petz scenes with!

Some have had to be cropped or had their proportions slightly squished to fit the 100x70px dimensions; of course they didn't rip those priceless canvases off their frames and get the kiddy scissors out to trim up Da Vinci or Monet, right guys?? RIGHT??? Anyway, it's totally worth a little adjustment to get those pesky paintings to fit, I'm sure!

Save and unzip them wherever you'll remember to find them again later! I recommend creating a new folder in Petz Pix called "Paintings" or "Photo Frame" maybe? All paintings have been named with their title and artist, as in any proper gallery!

Maximal and Paintball look forward to presenting themed art "collections" in the future in case you particularly enjoy the impressionists, the renaissance period, Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints, art with animals in, or perhaps some other theme? (They're always open to suggestions!)


Landscape Format Famous Art Pack

Portrait Format Famous Art Pack

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