The essentials
Birthday: May 7th
Zodiac: Taurus/Year of the Snake
Location: United Kingdom
Personality: Introverted but friendly, conscientious, daydreamer, anxious, very very silly :>

My Petz History
The first Petz game I encountered was Petz II; I remember playing it at my Dad's house and I think I also have vague memories of playing it on a computer at Primary school, tho I'm not sure which came first? Anyways, Petz has been a fixture on every PC I've ever owned since then! :>

I can remember playing Petz 3 with a school friend, and we were SO excited that petz could now breed! We adopted two dogz and spent the afternoon showering them with the love potion, laying out heart pillows and feeding them Luvz, not realising that they petz needed to be adults before they could have pups... doh! We also made up lyrics to the rock song in the music box and spent all afternoon singing "Love! House! Come and make love in our love! house! Nanananananana!"

I then progressed to Petz 4 though it was some years before I had a screen with a large enough resolution to see the entirety of the playscenes; it was a revelation to discover the window in the Family Room and the plant in the Toy Closet!! :o

I later played Petz 5, but found it really disappointing and never got into it. Petz 4 is where it's at for me, tho I also love the simplicity of P3 <3

The things that keep me returning to this little game are a whole lotta nostalgia, comfort-seeking and it's depth - it's still so exciting breeding petz, even after all these years!

Some favourites...
Muse are my all-time favourite band!
I also really love Royal Blood, London Grammar, Keane, Moses Sumney, Annie Lennox/Eurythmics, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Stereophonics, Queen, Pink Floyd. games?
Deus Ex Human Revolution and DX:Mankind Divided, Yakuza/Ryu Ga Gotoku/Like a Dragon series, Dishonored games, Devil May Cry series and the Mass Effect trilogy are my all-time faves!

The Fifth Element, The Addams Family & Addams Family Values, Gladiator, Dances with Wolves, Last of the Mohicans, Dune (1984 David Lynch), Dune Part I & II (Denis Villneuve)

Dune by Frank Herbert, A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

Other Interests and Activities
I enjoy drawing and painting (watercolours) though I don't do it very frequently.

I also like dabbling with crafty things on occasion like jewellery making, needle felting and macrame to name a few!

I sometimes sew, more out of necessity than anything, but I have made some cool stuff!

I'm interested in world flutes; I started with Native American Flutes and later branched into some rim-blown flutes like the Anasazi and Mojave style flutes. I'd love to have a go at Duduk someday!

I'm really interested in Japanese culture, particularly Kimono, Kabuki and Sumo wrestling! I was really into collecting and wearing kimono for some years, though not so much now. I LOVE Grand Sumo and make sure to watch every tournament! Ura is my fave <3

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