Sumo was my fourth ham who I sadly lost at the end of January 2023. Losing a pet always hurts, but I really was heartbroken. He was my friend, my best buddy, my little hamster-soulmate. Incredibly tame, friendly and always well behaved, every moment we spent together was a joy.

Skyler was a handful, to say the least! She was incredibly active, very strong-minded and stubborn. However much playtime I gave her, it was never enough! Her behaviour was definitely challenging at times, but of course I still loved her!

Hodor was a true gentleman, so well behaved, friendly and tame. He loved running laps around my room during playtime (and pooping a lot when he would sit and groom in his favourite spot under my bed, hahaha!!)
I once forgot to secure his cage door properly and awoke the next morning to find it open... escaped hamster panic! I sarched high and low all around the room, couldn't find him and finally thought to check the once place I hadn't looked yet... in his cage. There he was! The little guy had got out, partied all night then put himself back to bed!

Arwen was my first hamster as an adult and such a gentle, shy girl! She'd come out to play on the sofa and would end up taking a nap behind the cushion or being cuddled by my Mum :) Occasionally she'd get started or just a bit plain bonkers and would zoom along and take a horizontal leap off the end of the sofa, eek! She wasn't truly longhaired, but still had a little fluffy "skirt" around her bottom!

Pepper has been my first and only dog, adopted just as I became a teenager. She was a rescue dog and was terribly anxious to start with, but settled down with love and patience into an amazing doggy friend. I have so many happy memories of long walks through the woods!

I have also had some wonderful rattie friends in the fast past! Sayuri is the hoodie on the right, Satine is the himalayan on the left with hair tail draped over her head :> Both were dumbo rats (ears set more on the sides of their head) and were polar opposites! Sayuri was very confident and bolshy, Satine very shy and sweet.

Magua (right) and Uncas (left) MY BOYS <3 Named after characters from the Last of the Mohicans. Uncas was the larger of the two, but Magua was the leader. Their playfights were hilarious and they used to love being gently tossed to the end of the bed and would come running back over and over to do it again!

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