Welcome to my scrapbook! Here is where I house all the little graphics, awards, stamps and gifts we all end up collecting from being in the PC.
I've received some lovely things from some very kindhearted people, so I wanted to display them somewhere special!


This beautiful pixel art of my tiny soulmate Sumo reclining in a sunflower and eating seeds with his halo on was finished up and sent to me in an immensely kind and thoughtful gesture by dearest Nebula @ Poppy Hill after I'd announced his passing.
Thank you SO much Neb for your beautiful art of my little hamster friend; it brings my so much joy every time I look at it! I will treasure it always :'>

I find the huuuuge volume of stamps out there kinda exhausting, so I take a minimalist approach and just collect those directly related to my activity in the PC or those that hold special meaning or memories :>

[CRUSH] kindly made stamps for all the entrants into mouse's beanie baby hexing contest on Whiskerwick, including my submission, Kaleidoscope! Thanks, Crush!

This is a special, exclusive stamp I received when I adopted Odin from Melissa @ Unique Petz over on PUGS! :)

I collected this stamp from the 2022 NYE discord party, as I participated in the group hex for the bulldog!

Whiskerwick Valentines





Christmas Wishes

Nebula @ Poppy Hill is a sweetheart and sent me this beautiful stamp as a token of her holiday wellwishes for Xmas 2022 <3

Aaaand Neb got me again with another cute stamp for Xmas 2023, aaaa! Thank you Neb! ;-;

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