Past Updates

20th March 2024
Haberdashery has been a LOOOONG time in the making (I think I created a "coming soon" splash page on Neocities around 3 years ago...? Yikes!) but I eventually stopped being scared of HTML and CSS and started learning... it's not as scary as I thought :) Thank goodness there are SO many helpful resources out there!

I was more-or-less ready to launch around May 2023, then big life stuff happened and it was put aside. I'm looking at my code now and going uhhh, what does this mean again? But I think I just need to get it on the internets and get on with it, else it'll be stuck in perfectionist tweaking FOREVER ugh. So here we go! *tosses it onto Neocities* BE FREEEEEEE!

I really am learning as I go along, so if you spot anything funky, please let me know so I can fix it! Thx :>

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